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It’s been quite a while since I last posted something and I hate myself for it. I hope I can have a relevant post regularly.

In my online absence, I was revising my novel for I think the 3rd time… I came across a post about knowing your characters better. There are questions. I answered them all except for two:

~ Tell us your biggest secret. (Not really a question, though)
~ Your worst fear?

Being in character, I realized I don’t really know my protagonist’s biggest secret because her biggest secret is something she didn’t know until recently. I probably need to give her a big secret that only she knows.

Her worst fear just recently happened so I don’t know if it will still be considered as such…

I don’t really know… I’m confused…



An interviewer of mine asked me if I was an introvert. I said, no… I don’t think so. But I knew why he assumed that.

~ Because in the application sheet, there was an essay asking the applicants to describe themselves.
~ I wrote there, I love to write and read…
~ Maybe, I am introvert, but not always.
~ Does that make me weird?

For now, I ‘ll be a little introvert. I am currently writing and revising the second book of my series. I am done with my writing break.

Book Lover


Every time I buy a new book, my mother tells me I already have a lot so why am I buying for more? That was such a ridiculous questions. I will never stop buying books or ebooks especially if I love the author.

I read basically by author. I will buy every book of that author/s. I like collecting.

Then when my mother saw me writing or editing, she will ask me why do I have to write? I already have a lot of books. Well, writing a book is a whole lot different from just having books. And finishing a book is the most fulfilling thing for me. Especially when your readers will tell you, you evoke emotions in them.

I have written 4 novels, all remained unpublished. I just finished revising my 2nd one with the hope of being published but I have to do a lot of work. I don’t even know if there’s a publishing house in my country that may have interest in my kind of writing.

But being unpublished doesn’t stop me from writing. I’ll go back to it soon although my so-called writing break is not a really a break. I can’t help myself from opening my novel’s document and just browse through it.

Writing Break


After three months of editing after I finished writing/revising this current novel I’m working on, I got tired and I realized, I badly needed a break. My mind as well as my eyes felt tired. I have to print it now so my bestfriend can critique it for me because I feel so sick of reading it. Sometimes, I ask myself, why am I doing this? After eight long years of writing, I never really wanted to stop. Just now I need to breakaway from my novels and characters. It’s just a little break. The second book of this series is already popping out of my mind and I badly needed to write it soon. But I feel I need to research more of my topic I’m dealing with because it’s getting deeper and deeper and new ideas started to spring out of my restless head.

Ideas are everywhere. The challenge is how to write it all in this short lifetime of mine. I hope I can live that long to write everything I wanted to read.

My writing break may only last for a week… or probably a day. Because whenever I am not writing, I feel different. As if I’m not me.

I’m planning to post some excerpts here… if I think it is ready.