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I am not what you need

I am not what you need…

You need someone who could wait for you forever

Could go with you wherever you want to

Could give and satisfy your needs

Could listen to your awesome adventures

Could depend on you always

Could lay with you on the grass under the stars

Could give you her endless time

Doesn’t have big responsibilities

Doesn’t have to work hard

Would come with you wherever and come what may

Could fight for you against all odds

Could reciprocate your affection

Doesn’t fall silent when you confess your feelings

Doesn’t think of her responsibilities all the time

Could shout to the world that she loves you very much

Because, I could never be that one

Because I have gone tired of loving you

I could no longer wait for you

I have big responsibilities to fulfill

I don’t have the right to put myself first

I can’t be happy while others are suffering because of me

Because I had loved you, that’s all

But I can’t be what you want me to be

I can’t be waiting for you forever

I am not what you need…