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Still You


I miss you
I miss the way we were
I miss the way you open up to me
No restrictions
No holds barred
Now, there’s a gap I can’t bridge
A wall I can’t penetrate
If only I can turn back the time
But I never regret any of that
No matter the reason
Was it just lust or passion?
I don’t really want to know
I’m afraid of knowing the truth
Afraid of getting hurt
Although I already am
But I still want you
I still want to be with you

(Free verse III)


Abandoned Bliss Excerpt


I no longer believe in love. Love will only make you weak. I used to believe in love. All those things were just lies. There is no such thing as love. Love doesn’t exist. It will only hurt you…

-Rhavelle Mersine

Won’t Admit

I am empty, except that I won’t admit

My love for you is a crime I had commit

But it died with the years, together with my heart’s third death

I’ve waited for you to come back and I didn’t regret

You made me happy, yes I must say

But I should have never met you that day

I should have not let you start the play

So I won’t be begging you to stay

You can’t stay but you said you’ll return

I waited because you made my world turn

But I fell down and pain did burn

You and our memories, I’ll scorn

But my mistakes I won’t repeat

Despite how you made my heart beat

I really want you to go, just quit

Though I’m empty but won’t admit