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Being away from the busy city life and awaking in this kind of sight makes me want to stay here and never  leave. This paradise is indeed a wonder that no matter how many times I have seen it in television, being here is different. Breathtaking.

Its fine white sands, crystal clear blue sea, the sight of the sky… if only I don’t have to leave in here tomorrow…

The question is: can I really leave here? Being broke and everything. I wish. But miracles do happen, right.

It will only take less than an hour of air travel to get in here and a few minutes of boat ride.

I went here to unwind, enjoy life, think things through, ponder on what I really want with my life and to relieve myself of the stressful things of work and etc. If only I could do what I really want: Write.

This paradise is worth to write and there are several articles about it already. But I can’t mention its name. Maybe soon… When I’m no longer attached to my stressful day job.

I want to comeback here but I don’t know when. I want to stay here a little longer… but I can’t…


I will terribly miss this place. I hope I can come back here…