Archive | November 2015

Whatever I Get

Who would have thought I would feel this way?
That being in your arms would comfort me.
The way I fit into your arms puzzled me
Was it just me that had been happy?

I like you, or I wouldn’t be here
And I like everything I feel when you’re near
Or was I just convenience for you?
I don’t want to think about it, though

I want to be your constant company
I want to be the best friend I could ever be
I want to be in your arms every single night
I want you to hold me tight.

Or this is just a wishful thinking?
That soon everything would be turn to nothing
But I wouldn’t be bitter.
After all, I’d never been happier

This has been on for the longest haul
That bit by bit you’re touching my soul
I wanted to let go of this hesitation
But I don’t want to be ruled by mere emotion

Whatever happens, I wouldn’t regret
Everything we’ve been through, whatever I get
You are the best man I ever know
You are the best friend I never want to let go