I Love You

D-o you know how much you mean to me?
You became my addiction,  you see.
I love you so much that it burns my heart.
And I miss you so much every time we’re apart.

A-nd every time spent with you is a slice of bliss.
That as always, I drown in your kiss.
I never thought you could affect me so much.
That I burn by your mere touch.

V-oid would come to me without your presence.
That what I feel no longer makes sense.
I just wish I could spend more time with you.
That sometimes, the night will not bother you.

E-very moment we share is a cherished memory. 
That will forever be stored and kept with a key.
I don’t want anyone else in this world but you.
My drug, my love, I need you because I love you…


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