Archive | March 2014

I Love You

D-o you know how much you mean to me?
You became my addiction,  you see.
I love you so much that it burns my heart.
And I miss you so much every time we’re apart.

A-nd every time spent with you is a slice of bliss.
That as always, I drown in your kiss.
I never thought you could affect me so much.
That I burn by your mere touch.

V-oid would come to me without your presence.
That what I feel no longer makes sense.
I just wish I could spend more time with you.
That sometimes, the night will not bother you.

E-very moment we share is a cherished memory. 
That will forever be stored and kept with a key.
I don’t want anyone else in this world but you.
My drug, my love, I need you because I love you…


Goodnight, My Love

My love, see you in my dreams tonight. 
Enclose me in your arms, sleep tight. 
Remember that I’ll always have you in my heart. 
Remember that you’re the inspiration of my art.

I love you like I have never loved before.
You are everything I asked God for.
Being with you brought contenment in me.
That nothing else matter in this world,  you see.

You inspire me to be something good.
Not the old bitter me as I should.
You bring me so much happiness.
You make me cast all my bitterness.

Few hours with you is a lifetime I cherish.
Your love bring me so much more than I can relish.
Each time spent with you is worth more than gold.
You’re the only hand I would really love to hold.

Sleep tight my love, dream of bliss.
As I hold you and dream of your kiss.
So sweet, so true, this love for you. 
This love of ours shall bring more morrow…