Love Like There’s No Tomorrow

I love you so, so much that my heart hurts 
I’ll let it all out before I would burst
I never loved someone as strong as this 
I never felt so much love such as this.

I know this may be so fast yet so real 
Just as real as a heart’s unbroken seal
Yes, we may not fully know each other 
Doesn’t matter anyway,  no bother

I’ll hold you tight and never let you go  
Cause if I do, I might die in sorrow 
Hold me in your arms; never pull away 
Cause if you do, I might die in dismay

My drug, with your smell I drown in bliss 
You made me fall in love with just a kiss 
Within your arms, I melt with your embrace 
These memories could never be erased

I love you like there is no tomorrow 
That without you, I’m drowning in sorrow 
Without your love, my fire will surely die 
Without your love, my eyes will surely cry…


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