Archive | February 2014

Love Like There’s No Tomorrow

I love you so, so much that my heart hurts 
I’ll let it all out before I would burst
I never loved someone as strong as this 
I never felt so much love such as this.

I know this may be so fast yet so real 
Just as real as a heart’s unbroken seal
Yes, we may not fully know each other 
Doesn’t matter anyway,  no bother

I’ll hold you tight and never let you go  
Cause if I do, I might die in sorrow 
Hold me in your arms; never pull away 
Cause if you do, I might die in dismay

My drug, with your smell I drown in bliss 
You made me fall in love with just a kiss 
Within your arms, I melt with your embrace 
These memories could never be erased

I love you like there is no tomorrow 
That without you, I’m drowning in sorrow 
Without your love, my fire will surely die 
Without your love, my eyes will surely cry…


Heart’s Dance

I think what we have is like a whirlwind romance
So fast, so sudden, so intense like a fierce dance
Full of love, of life, I almost can’t understand
But I’ve fallen in love so deeply when you held my hand

What we do have is like a circle’s completion
I never thought I could feel such intense passion
Your kiss set me on fire. I want to be consumed
But I love you though I didn’t want to assume

You took a part of my heart and held on to it
Without your presence, I feel lost and incomplete
It’s really a wonder how you did this to me
It’s really a wonder how I let it be

There had been others but then no one was like you
No one has ever affected me like you do
Only you had convinced me to take a chance
Only you had made me say yes to this heart’s dance…