An interviewer of mine asked me if I was an introvert. I said, no… I don’t think so. But I knew why he assumed that.

~ Because in the application sheet, there was an essay asking the applicants to describe themselves.
~ I wrote there, I love to write and read…
~ Maybe, I am introvert, but not always.
~ Does that make me weird?

For now, I ‘ll be a little introvert. I am currently writing and revising the second book of my series. I am done with my writing break.


2 thoughts on “Introvert

  1. I always thought i was an extrovert because i was confident and would speak my mind. Once i looked into it i surprised myself. I couldn’t believe i was an introvert but when i realized it it made sense. It was a breath of fresh air to know that my constant need for solitude and independence was all just a mentality. Looking back in my earlier days i always would go away and read books or ride a toy tractor around the house by myself. I love who i am. I understand myself and my limitations. I hope you have discovered yourself more after this interview.

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