How I Rooted it?

I just recently acquired a tab and that made me busy these past few days. I’m kinda new at this and I know it’s kinda late for this kind of post. Well… my colleages here had not even rooted their android phones so I’m just sharing what I did.

I was supposed to try superoneclick for rooting my android until I accidentally read about an application called z4root.apk. I downloaded it from

But make sure your unit is in usb debugging mode. You can find it in settings > applications > development > usb debugging. Now you can hit root.

After a little while, your android will be rooted. Now you can maximize its potential.

But being rooted it is not enough. You have to have more internal memory for your future applications. This post helped me a lot:

In that post, you will be using an application called mini tool partition wizard home ed. With this, you can create 2 partitions for your microsd. I’m using a 16gb microsd. I allotted 2gb for the tab’s additonal internal memory and the rest is for my music and movies and other uninstalled applications. That post will show you how. But only do this if you know what you’re doing. And there will be risk. Make sure you back up all your important files and applications.

The partitions should be in fat32 and ext3 file system, both in primary. Again for more details, check with the original post.

After doing the partition, install an application called link2sd from google play. I do advise you to read the original post.

But you have to free some phone memory by uninstalling some applications. You can reinstall it after linking with linksd.

Well… thats mostly what I’ve done. You might also want an fx file and root explorer. You can get it at

After rooting and increasing your android’s phone memory, you can do whatever you want.

My tab is not new but I can now maximize its hidden potential. It’s an optus mytab zte v9 by the way.


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