The After Life of Flood


It took quite a while for me to post again.

Last August 7, 2012, my mother woke me up saying our area was already flooded. I didn’t believe at once, knowing it’s rare for flood to reach our place. I peered at the window and yes, it was flooding and I can’t go to work. That sucks but I secretly welcome the thought (grin).

I informed my supervisor and AOM at once about my situation and there’s nothing to do about it but let nature unleash its wrath.

The good thing about being house-arrested was, I was able to finish the encoding of the edits of my novel.

Well… it’s people’s fault why flood happens. If only we’re disciplined enough to put our garbage in their proper places, the drainage system will not be blocked.

If nature can only speak, I think she will say, “Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.”

I hope it will never happen again. It’s scary.

I pity those people who lost their home.


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