I am not LAZY! I am Writing!

My sister thought I was doing nothing but to sit in front of my computer and stare at it. I suddenly told her, “I am writing, leave me alone!”

Then she asked, “Is it hard to write? I want to be a writer to. Where do you get your ideas?”

I sighed. How could I ever explain to her that writing is never easy. Lazy people never become writers because they’ll never finish anything. So I said, “Yes, it’s hard. You have to be alone most of the time, daydream or dream at night. Your ideas will just hit your mind. You have to read a lot. You have to read everything you can grasp. You have to understand quirky words. You have to be friends with dictionary and thesaurus. You have to love books, stories, literature, maps, atlas, travel books and any other references you can find helpful. You need to imagine the world or your own world, learn enough to convey it to writing. You need to know a lot of people–your characters. You have to be patient in revising, editing, rewriting, reading and reading all over again!”

She stared at me, gaping, and returned to my book she was reading.

Well… I think sometimes I’m pretty useless at home because I rarely talk to them. I’m always at my room, in front of this computer, letting my thoughts wander around so I could write a story I want to read. 😉


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