Fifty Shades Darker


That was indeed, a fifty fucking shades darker.

Christian Grey was just so… lovable as ever, despite his many many many fucked up flaws. Can’t blame him. He’s been through a lot in a very young age. And here’s Anastasia Steele, the so-oh-my-God-lucky-girl-in-fifty-shades world. No wonder many girls wanted to take her place. I am a willing volunteer LOL.

Well, seeing Grey fell onto his knees in that so sub look, I almost fell from my seat. You can ask my colleague with that. He saw my reaction. My knees weakened that I wanted to scream out loud for God’s sake! Well quite hysterical. Sorry, can’t blame emotions. E. L. James knows how to convey and stir emotions. Or I am just so emotional.

The kinky fuckery – how I love that term! It makes me laugh out loud. It never stops to amuse me.

This was never boring. I never had a boring moment with it. I thought I could resist not to read it and move on to my editing but here I am, talking about it. Always tweeting and retweeting about it and how I want to see Ian Somerhalder play the Christian Grey role. I felt he’s indeed Born To Be Grey. I am just so #GREYsessed.

Back to the book. There’s always the surprise. I love that. They’ll be so sweet then they’ll argue and they’ll be fucking mad! Hahaha… The twist and turns of emotions.

Well… it’s hot, as always, from the very fucking start. I guess everyone knows about it. The reputation of this book…

Ow, I’d read a post. It’s called Fifty Shades of Nay. Well, I don’t fucking agree with it. There are some points, though but I didn’t mind it. There are just some weird vocabularies in it that I have to open my dictionary application and fish out the meaning of those words but it doesn’t bother me at all. I melted with Ana all the way. And the whirlwind of emotions, gosh, I felt like I was in a theme park, riding some stomach turning roller coaster. But God, it’s good. I’d never read a book such as this. I’d read a lot, different genres… reading this book had been so amazing. I can’t wait to start the last book. So excited about it.

To know that this started as a fan fiction version of Twilight saga, well I kinda like that book. I was just fresh from college when it came out and I bought all four books all hard bounds because that time, no paperback was available yet and I just can’t wait. I like the book than the movie version. I don’t like the Breaking Dawn Part I hahaha. Why am I talking about this?

Well, they are miles and universe apart. That was for young adult. This is for adults… giggling adults hahaha

I do understand why these books hit the bestseller. For one thing, it is sexy but most of all, it stirs emotions. Damn, I really want to read this book all over again and again and again!

I love the way they email each other. I always laugh at their quirky signatures. Palm Twitchy CEO hahaha… Christian Grey must be suffering multiple personality disorder! Hahahaha just kidding. He’s so lovable, although I can’t help but fear for Ana when I was just starting to read the books.

I so freakin’ love it and I’m freaking out! So excited to watch the upcoming movie.

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