Fifty Shades of Grey

It was The Fifty Shades of Fucking Grey…

It made me teary-eyed, really but I didn’t cry. I suppressed crying. The ending emotionally affected me–hell, the whole book affected me emotionally. It reminds me of my past, loving this man I knew from the very start who can never love me back. Ow, did I just said that?

I must admit, it was really hot. The way Grey melted Steele to the core. A hell of a book!

Grey was indeed a fifty shades of fucked up, he admitted himself. But somewhere in his heart, I knew he felt something for Steele which he could never admit to himself. I better read the second book now but I’m about to edit mine first 😉

The thought of BSDM was appealling but the true content of this book was the emotions. I can’t blame Steele, though. He’s so overwhelmingly hot. I just wish it will be played by Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore-the overwhelmingly hot vampire guy from The Vampire Diaries).

Of course I won’t tell you more details of the book. I don’t want this to be a spoiler for everyone who haven’t read it.

It’s a must read though not for really young people. It’s so detailed. I wonder why I read some bad reviews about it. It’s actually great. Not for everybody’s taste though.

I want to read it all over again and again but I need to finish the trilogy first. Ha-ha, I’m so addicted to it. I’ll spread how great it is to all I know.

It’s emotionally affecting–I am repeating myself! I’ve read a lot of erotica but I think some of them were just porn. I am overwhelmed by this. I felt this is a modern version of Anne Rice’s The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Series. It’s so great too but I don’t want to talk about it here. This is about Fifty Shades. Anne Rice already had the half of my heart.

EL James is great. I don’t want to compare her to every other authors I’ve read. She’s different. Her writing is different. I’m addicted to her books.

I’m so excited to read the Fifty Shades Darker. I so love it!

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