I never really thought you could do such betrayal

You of all the people I ever trusted

My whole world shattered and it felt so real

That my whole faith in you was wasted


The pain is real that I could no longer heal

This heart you broke and even killed

How could I kill this hatred I feel?

For I could never forsake this life you build


I love you. I have always loved you

But how could you break our faith in you?

After all these years we never had a clue

After all these years you’ve been so untrue


Every time I see her in pain, I was in vain

For I feel it twice, like there’s thunder and rain

In my heart, this betrayal stabbed like a stake

Slowly melting me, it’s so much I could take


I forgave you even before you said sorry

But this bitterness we feel isn’t easy to bury

We never wanted to end everything like this

We have thought it’s ever after in bliss


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