My sun, now that you’re gone, I am an empty shell

Because somehow you filled my life with beauty of hell

That my heart burned out that I could no longer feel

I feel so dead and hollow inside like a bar of steel


Now I have nothing, not even the cold moon to tower over me

The stars of happiness are so far to comfort someone like me

How could I still feel the same kind of agony?

How could I still have the same kind of misery?


I don’t know if I could still feel love again

Because I feel as though my heart’s already been drained

I feel I had given already everything that I feel hollow

I have no more to give, I could not even borrow


Can I borrow you from the sky, my big bright star?

So I can somehow feel whole and not scarred

Because you bring happiness to my unease soul

As if you are the one I’ve been waiting for after all


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