All Up to You

Should I hang on to this kind of uncommitted love?

That I have nothing except your words and the Above

Should I love you silently and wait till you come back?

Or just tell you I love you and see how you react


Should I hold on to your diamond words and have faith?

That everything is true so I should patiently wait

Can I continue to love you this way but have no right?

And just trust and believe your words on that very night


Can I trust myself that I can wait for you that long?

Perhaps yes, cause I’m not in a hurry all along

Can I trust you that you will keep those words you said?

Or it will just fade that I’ll hope it was left unsaid


If holding on to your words makes me a fool for you

Then let it be, cause you stole my sanity too

Because over loneliness and pain, I’ve chosen both

That I hope you said was true though it was not an oath


All I can hold on are your words and nothing more

But those are not promises cause you haven’t swore

But breaking my heart apart is all up to you

For you’ve owned it even  before you said I love you…


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