Mere Fantasy

I am dead, withered like the fallen leaves

Waiting when’ll I be stepped by the thieves

Wanting to end this, this sorrow I feel

Wanting to know if this is just for real

Yes, you are indeed gone and it is real

As real as these metal bars of steel

But why do I cannot seem to steal

Away this hollow, emptiness I feel

Why cannot I just tear and rip you out

Off my ever damned heart and shout

That I no longer love you without doubt

And I’ve learned to figure everything out

But why you never even meant your words?

And why you never even bridged our worlds?

Why you never just said your sad goodbye?

Why you never ever just tell me why?

I believed you and that’s a fool of me

You nev’r been here when I’m in agony

You never been here when I needed you

You never been here when I am in blue

So now, what is the use of just waiting?

What is the use of even just wasting?

My dear precious life and time for nothing

Because you never even did a thing

So where are you when I needed you most?

When I am drowned in despair and so lost

When my ever terrible life’s at worse

You never even hear my cry and curse

How could I think I’m important to you?

What kind of fool I was to think you do?

How could I believed you indeed loved me

For you never did, just my fantasy…


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