Withered Bridge

My heart is pounding, what’s wrong with me?

Am I in the verge of loving you endlessly?

Am I falling in love to a person who doesn’t love me?

A mere friend I am, what else I would be?


The mere message you sent cause my lips to curve a smile

As if we haven’t seen each other for a while

Among other men, I would prefer to love you

Because you’re real and I already know you


Is this a kind of story like the first one?

Wherein I fell in love with a lover of someone

That I fell in love with my dearest best friend

Although I know he was in love with my friend


Am I a strong bridge or a withered one?

Why do I feel this miserable feeling of being undone?

Why do I always suffer the same twist of fate?

I am here, why are you still looking for someone to date?


I feel pathetic and irrationally insane

Why did I let you run inside my brain?

Why did I let you enter my already closed heart?

You opened it once again, discovering my dreadful art…


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