Stream of Two Consciouness

You said “Hi”

I held my head high

You smiled wide

I frowned aside

You winked at me

I was starstruck

You’re so cool

I’m so cold

I never thought

I would feel like this

It’s kinda strange

It’s kinda strange

   My heart pounded

   beating fast

   beating fast

   It won’t relax*

I now know

That you’re special somehow

But why is that so

You will have to go

   You left me there

   Waiting, wanting

   Bleeding, asking

   But you didn’t care*

My heart cries

When you walk for miles

I think I’ll die

When I realized you lie

   You made a fool of me

   I just didn’t see

   Your diamond words

   Had crumble my world*

I don’t wanna quit

I don’t wanna breathe

My heart shouts but

It never beats

It never beats

   I don’t wanna cry

   I don’t wanna sigh

   My heart bleeds

   It just died

   It just died*

You have buried me alive

Six feet underground

But there you have arrived

And made me revived…

*By yours truly

The rest, by Jorsal Dionne Tan


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